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You want to support us? Oh, good. We need the support. Here’s a couple of ways you can help us out.


If you want to support us, but you’re strapped for cash, you could follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Right now, we’re just two married people cracking each other up for fun on the internet, but by spreading the word about our podcast, we could become two highly mocked married people cracking up each other and Phil from Des Moines on the internet.

Twitter: @SoRedacted

Instagram: @redacted_podcast


What would we do with your money? It wouldn’t go into our pockets (I mean, maybe briefly, but just so we could transport it from one place to another). It would go toward making the podcast better. We need so many things to make this experience bigger, faster, stronger: mics, a sound mixer, software, sound-proofing materials, a green screen… the list is pretty long, and every bit of it is about making a better experience for our listeners.


The easiest way to support us is on Patreon, where you can choose a monthly donation level that you can afford. For the price of one single grande Pumpkin Spice Latte you can help us & you’ll get cool exclusive stuff that we’ll make just for you!

Click on the image below to go to our Patreon page!

What should we call our fans? Ptero-dactors seems too intense.