Jeremy & Dragon


Jeremy and Dragon!

I love the way that O’Brien’s ‘Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH’ is a book for kids with reletively straight-forward science fiction themes, and Don Bluth’s ‘Secret of NIMH’ is something more of a science-fantasy tale? When I was drawing Dragon, I really wanted him to look like a DRAGON, sitting upon his hoard of dirty laundry.


Armoq Marmotini


Ground Squirrels! Rockin’ it all day long! These guys are the dwarves and gnomes of our little world. A bunch of serious-faced craftsmen and savage troublemakers. Let;s all hope they don’t dig too deep or too greedily. This is the moon, they could end up breaking out into the vacuum of space and destroying all of civilization.


The High Sciurlin

Warning! Red Squirrel Alert!

The red squirrels are analogous to High Elves, although the more I develop the idea, the further that concept departs from the original. Here we have depictions of two warrior-squirrels in armor.

Neither portrait of these handsome gentlemen are of our hero Dustbin, but I’ll throw something up for him soon.

Mice On The Moon, Podcasts

Episode 6: The Exposition Episode

Betsy buys some shots for her BFF Dustbin, does some banking, and learns some very impressive secrets. GET THYSELF TO SHYRHOLE!


Betsy & Gaddy


Best Friends Forever!

I mean, unless murder, betrayal, and thuggery get in their way…

This was one of the first sketches I did of our mischievous pair. Betsy’s (on the left) colors are right, but the patterning could be wrong? If I had drawn out the rest of the picture, you would see that Gaddy (right) is surrounded by a straight pile of empty liquor bottles.


Gray Huk – Grassword Fence


Gray Huk!

The fantastic fence from Betsy’s home town of Grassword. Another piece of amazing concept art from one of our fans and listeners, done in the now classic ‘Mouseguard’ style. Love that stash! Pass the chicken fat!

Gray Huk was a bunch of fun to use as an NPC. He was created on the fly, and now he’s too good to leave behind. Maybe he’ll turn up again, one day…



Mice from NIMH


The Mice from NIMH

First Row: Mrs. Frisby, Mister Ages, Auntie Shrew

Second Row: Cynthia, Teresa, Mister Ages again

Third Row: Timothy, Martin, and finally the hero Jonathan Frisby in the right corner.

One of my inspirations to do the game and the podcast came from these illustrations that I made for one of my favorite books and a truly beautiful film.