About Agent Libra and Professor Scorpio

About Redacted

Redacted is a podcast about two paranormal investigators who are passionate yet terrible at their jobs. We have been told it is humorous. 

The idea came about because the real people behind Agent Libra and Professor Scorpio wanted to make each other laugh and like to play the “radio voice” game, where one person says outrageous things using a parody of an NPR voice until the other person cracks. When we began incorporating fake sponsors into our reindeer game, we decided we needed to start recording it. 

We hope it makes you laugh sometimes. 

About Agent Libra

Agent Libra has had a life-time interest in the paranormal and has spent much of his time educating everyone he comes into contact with about the secret underbelly of the galaxy. He really did see a UFO once when he was a young man and he knows an awful lot about aliens and UFOs as a result (& everything else that is weird). He’s the resident paranormal expert.

About Professor Scorpio

Professor Scorpio really is getting a doctoral degree in English literature, with a specialty in 19c British literature, which really informs her knowledge of the spooky and strange. She has read a truly horrifying number of Gothic books and stories.