Welcome to Fig End! 

For those of you who know us from our podcasts (Redacted & Mice on the Moon), you might be thinking “Figs ends? Those are the worst part of the fig!” But actually, this is the umbrella under which we house all of our projects. Fig End is a reference to Bag End (from a little project called The Hobbit), because we happen to be hobbity people IRL.

Check out our stuff

This site is full of our things. There’s Redacted, our newest (& only currently updating) podcast, which is out now!

You can also listen to our defunct podcast, Mice on the Moon, where we play a really fun D&D style game of our own design. We stopped updating when we joined an IRL D&D group, but the episodes come to something of a good stopping place, so we’ve left them up!

Thanks for being here!

We mean that in two ways: Thank you for being here on this website and thanks also for existing on this planet. We hope that you enjoy poking around on our website and exploring the little things it has to offer. As we expand and grow (which you can help us do by checking out our Support Us page), we’ll add more content to our site.